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​Book Packet​

Book Packet​
Maximum Weight​​5 Kilogram​s
S.NoSize PrescribedMinimumMaximum
​1​In roll form length1​0 cm80 cm
​2Total Length + 2 diamet​ers17 cm100 cm
3​​Other than roll form10 x 7 cm60 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
Note: Book Packet when sent in card form whether folded or not, shall be neither thinner nor more flexible than Inland Post Cards.


  • There shall be no personal communication enclosed or written up on a book packet.
  • It shall not contain any paper money, postage or other stamps, Cheque​ etc Exception: It may contain stamped self addressed post card or letter or wrapper.

​Book Packet containing Printed Books​

Specifications are same as for book packet.

It shall not contain any publication published in regular intervals. No advertisements permitted.

Book Packet containing Periodicals​

Specifications are same as for book packet.

The contents shall be periodicals registered with the 'Registrar of Newspapers in India'. The first or last page of the periodical shall have the superscription "Registered with the Registrar of Newspapers in India under serial No. - ........." printed on it.

Pattern and Sample Packet

​​​​It may contain bona fide trade patterns or samples of merchandise not having any saleable value together with or without any matter which may be sent as a book packet.​

Specifications same as in the case of book packets.​​

Maximum weigh​t: 2 kilograms