​​​​​​​ Money Remittance Services

Electronic Clearance Service (ECS)

The Electronic Clearance Service (ECS) scheme provides an alternative method of effecting bulk payment transactions like periodic (monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly/ yearly) payments of interest/ salary/ pension/ commission/ dividend/ refund by Banks/Companies /Corporations /Government Departments. The transactions under this scheme move from a single User source (i.e. Banks/Companies /Corporations /Government Departments) to a large number of Destination Account Holders (Customers/Investors). This scheme obviates the need for issuing and handling paper instruments and thereby facilitates improved customer service by the Banks and Companies/Corporations/Government Departments effecting bulk payments.

The Scheme is in operation at 15 centers where Reserve Bank of India manages Clearing Houses, 21 centers where SBI is managing ECS on behalf of RBI and 29 other centers where PNB and other banks are managing ECS on behalf of RBI.

The ECS is being offered in the Department of Posts in connection with payment of monthly interest under “Monthly Income Scheme” (MIS). The Department of Posts introduced ECS scheme on a pilot basis in Mumbai City on 9th August 2003. Under ECS, the depositors have the facility of getting MIS interest automatically transferred and credited into their SB account on the due dates at the designated Bank of their choice. Currently, the service is available in the Department of Posts at 15 RBI locations and 21 SBI locations.

  1. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  2. Bengaluru (Karnataka)
  3. Bhubaneswar (Orissa)
  4. Kolkata (West Bengal)
  5. Chandigarh (Punjab)
  6. Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
  7. Guwahati (Assam)
  8. Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
  9. Jaipur (Rajsthan)
  10. Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)
  11. Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  12. Nagpur (Mahrashtra)
  13. New Delhi
  14. Patna (Bihar)
  15. Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)
  1. Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)
  2. Nashik (Maharashtra)
  3. Panaji (Goa, Maharashtra)
  4. Calicut (Kerala)
  5. Thrissur (Kerala)
  6. Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
  7. Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
  8. Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu)
  9. Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu)
  10. Durgapur (West Bengal)
  11. Hubli (Karnataka)
  12. Dehradun (Uttaranchal)
  13. Siliguri (West Bengal)
  14. Burdwan ( West Bengal)
  15. Baroda (Gujarat)
  16. Surat (Gujarat)
  17. Sholapur (Maharashtra)
  18. Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)
  19. Tirupur (Tamil Nadu)
  20. Raipur (Chhattisgarh)
  21. Ranchi (Jharkhand)