Franking Services

  • 1. What is Franking Machine?

    A postal franking machine is a stamping machine intended to stamp impressions of dies of approved design on private and official postal articles in payment of postage and postal fees

  • 2. Who can use Franking Services?
    Anyone (individual, organization)  can use the franking services subject to the condition that they hold a valid  license issued by Postal Authorities for using franking machines. 
  • 3. What services are available to the Franking Machine Users?

    The following services are available at designated post offices:

    1. Pay License fee for new/renewal of License

    2. Apply for new Franking Machine License

    3. Apply for renewal of Franking Machine License

    4. Apply for cancellation of License/Franking Machine

    5. Apply for change in address of Franking Machine

    6. Recharge of Franking Machines

  • 4. How much money I have to pay to apply for new Franking Machine License?

    The Fee for applying for a new license is Rs. 375.

  • 5. How can I apply for a Franking Machine License?

    To apply for a new license, you have to deposit fee for new license at the identified post offices and give the application in the prescribed form to the Licensing Authority*.

           *The Licensing Authority will be the authority that is authorized to issue/ renew /suspend/ cancel license for the Franking Machine from time to time. This shall be the Head of the Postal Division or independent Gazetted Postmaster of the office, or Directors Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi GPO or Officer Commanding Postal/ SDS Unit/ SBPO within whose jurisdiction the machine is located.

  • 6. What are the different type of Franking Machine Licenses for which I can apply?

    India Post Provides License in three categories for using Franking machines:

    1. Individual- An Individual licensee will be a person / firm or organization who uses the franking machines for his / its own mail or those of his/its sister concerns. Sister Concern is one functioning in the same premises as that of the licensee/applicant and If corporate, the holding or a subsidiary company, or a company having a common Chairman or Managing Director or If  proprietary, owned wholly or in partnership by a common owner.

    2) Commercial- The Franking Machine User can avail Commercial License only if  he submitted a list of clients along with their consent letters on whose behalf he wants to frank the mail. The Commercial Licensee may be:

    i) A Mailing Agent who is a person, a firm or a company performing the work of sending articles through the Post Office on behalf and in the name of a third party for mutually agreed remuneration or,

    ii) A Registrar who is a person, firm or a company performing the work of sending articles through the Post Office on behalf of a third party but in the name of the Registrar on mutually agreed remuneration.


    3) Departmental - exclusively for Department of Posts.       

    However, customers can apply for Individual and commercial licenses.

  • 7. What is the activation/validation period for Franking Machine License?
    Franking machine license is valid for 5 years after date of license generation request. The license will expire automatically after 5 years. To renew your license you have to raise renew request for particular license and pay renewal fee for the same.
  • 8. What if my Franking Machine License has expired?

    You have to submit an application in the prescribed form to the Licensing Authority..

  • 9. What is the renewal fee for the expired License?
     Renewal Fee for the expired license is 475 INR
  • 10. When can I renew my Franking Machine license?

    You have to initiate the process of license renewal at least one month before the expiry date of  license with the renewal fee of Rs. 375.

  • 11. How can I renew my Franking machine license?
     You can submit an application in the prescribed form to the Licensing Authority. Renewal fee is to be paid at the post office counter.
  • 12. How can I cancel my franking machine license ?
    You can give the cancellation request in the prescribed format at the designated post office linked to the license. 
  • 13. How can I recharge my Franking machine?
     You can recharge the franking at the post office counters by paying, atleast, the minimum recharge value.
  • 14. What is the minimum recharge amount for franking machine?

    You have to pay a sum (in advance) representing the amount of Rs. 2000 as advance postage for which you wish the machine to be set / reset.

    Minimum amount of advance payment for subsequent deposits for resetting of franking machine will be Rs. 1000/- (One thousand only) + multiple of Rs. 100/-.

  • 15. What if I want to change my franking machine location?

    You can submit a request for address change in the prescribed format to the Licensing Authority.

Last Updated:31 Oct 2023