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Compare Services

  • 1. How can I check the different services available for an article before booking?

    Just by providing source and destination pincode and weight of the article you can check different services to mail the article.​

  • 2. How can I check prices for the different services?

    Search results will show the price along with different services.​

  • 3. From where can I access this service on IndiaPost site?

    Go to: Home->Mail Services->Tools->Compare Services​

  • 4. What information do I need to provide to use Compare services?

    Source and destination pincode and details of the article is to be provided to use the service.​

  • 5. What if I don’t know the Pincode of my area?

    There is a Find Pincode link provided on the screen to search the pincode.​

  • 6. Do I need to register myself to use this service?

    No, guest user can access this service.​

Last Updated:31 Oct 2023