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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Corporate Complaints

Corporate Complaints Module (CCM) facilitates uploading of complaints using an Excel​ ​file. This facility saves lot of human effort in entering the complaints through the online interface.​ To visit the interface Click here

The facility will be offered to registered customers only in accordance with the directions issued by Directorate vide letter No.3-6/2011/PG dated 18/12/13 addressed to all Chief Postmasters General. To register for this facility, customer need to submit an application to the Chief Postmaster General of the respective Postal Circle along with information in the following format and a declaration along with ​information of expected Monthly Average of Complaints likely to be booked by customers. 


Sl. No.

Information Required


Max Length


1 Customer Name Text 50
2 Customer Address Text 50 Office Address
3 Customer City Text 50
4 Customer Pincode Text 6 Pincode of PO to which customer is attached for posting letters
5 Office of registration Text 50 Postal Division to which customer is attached
6 Office of booking Text 50 Name of the CCC which will handle complaints booked by customer​
7 Customer email Text 50 admin@mail.com
8 Customer Phone Text 20 044-1111111
9 Customer mobile no. Text 15 9999999999
10 Customer login ID Text 20 Login ID as desired by customer
11 Average number of complaints per month
Text 50 Please provide average number of complaints likely to be booked by customer. This will help in allocating complaint number series to customer account


I/We.............. will not upload complaints in respect of cases already settled (articles already delivered etc.) and in respect of cases where the date of booking is less than seven days. I/We ............... understand that if it is found that I/We.............. are violating the above conditions, facility will be withdrawn by the Department without assigning any reason.

Date                                                                                                                                ​​Signature of authorized signatory

Station                                                                                                                                         Seal

The facility will be extended to customers who are likely to upload a minimum of ten complaints at a time.

After submission of the application to the respective Chief Postmaster General, the customer will receive the credentials and URL details for uploading complaints if his request is accepted. If the request is not accepted, Chief Postmaster General will intimate the customer accordingly.

Each Postal Circle is headed by a Chief Postmaster General. Click here​ to know the postal Circle for your area enter your Pincode in the For Pincode search​​

​Click h​ere for the contact details of Chief Postmaster General​

​Last Updated : 28 Sep 2018